Sunday, January 22, 2012

It's not fanfic. I swear.

I like to write. A lot. Right now I'm battling my way through my first screenplay. I got draft zero finished and it totally sucked bitch tits, so I left it in an angry huff and went off writing a spec script for my favorite TV show.  Never mind that this show is in the UK, is waiting for the decision to renew, and doesn't take random specs from random Americans anyway.

Forget all that. I wrote it and learned tons about story, structure and flow from doing it. Highly recommend it as a teaching method, and it was fun. If there's not another season then I can open that document and weep over it when the loneliness gets to be too much. 'This is how it could have been, it could have been great... sob sob sob sniffle sob'.

"But wait!" I hear you shout, "Isn't something you know you can't sell just FANFIC?"

No. This is totally, totally different. Call it a writing exercise. Never mind I was playing with someone else's characters, no bad touch, and making them run though a plot totally of my own devising. It was fun and I learned things. Mostly the importance of having a vague idea beyond two sentences. Outlines. You sneer, but as it turns out, outlines are very handy little bastards.

Anyway, it's not fanfic if it's in script format! I don't care what anyone says. I finished it, 57 pages, hour long television drama, and that right there is a toast-worthy event.

So this film idea. Haven't got a title yet. Just last night ripped it apart and changed nearly everything about it. I spent a few hours writing an outline after spending a few weeks thinking about all the reasons draft zero just wasn't working. By that 'wasn't working' translate, 'was pissing me off'. The very first outline I should point out, the whole first draft was me typing by the seat of my pants and wondering why it was so rambling and just wasn't shining like a bajillion dollar movie should...

The outline came to four pages of pure gold. I say that. It was late and I had my ol' buddy Baileys Irish Cream as a writing partner, so it's probably shit but I can work with that. I'm used to shit. The main character is now from a different culture, with a different motivation and two supporting characters got merged into a Tuvix-like creation just because... well... they were annoying me with the tiny amount of lines they had. Nearly everything has changed about it, but it still manages to be the same story, somehow. Not sure how.

It's clearer now. The next draft should be much better. It could hardly be worse.

I don't know how often I'll be updating this blog. I suspect only when I have something to say because, frankly, dredging up small talk just for the sake of making noise is just as boring in a blog as it is in the real world.

Catch ya later.