Sunday, August 12, 2012

50 Kisses: Results

I did really well. I didn't win, but both my entries made the long list which makes me one of about 16 (I believe) out of 1800 + that managed to get that far with both entries. It's only the second contest I've ever entered so I'm bouncing with excitement I did so well so early on.

You can read both my scripts below. Or if you happen to be a film maker, I'd be delighted if you made either one of them into a film short.

Dirty Riffs & Neon Lights: 14 year old Robin will do almost anything to impress a girl.

Beyond The Sea: For some couples, Valentine's day is just another day.

Now I'm off to change my profile page to '50 Kisses long list winner - 2012' because I'm so totally counting this as a credit. It's a thing and I did it and other people said so, so it counts. So there.

Until next time :)

EDIT: 8/15 My scripts are LIVE on the 50 Kisses website and they're eligible to be on the DVD under special features if you'd like to check it out. Dirty Riffs and Beyond the Sea