Saturday, February 18, 2012

Now it's totally a TV spec. Totally.

Remember my last post? Remember that F word thing that I wrote just to see if I could? That I knew I absolutely couldn't sell due to markets and locations and not having a single writing credit and it being a script for a show that's possibly not going to be renewed, in another country? 

Turns out that it could be useful to me after all. Who knew? There's a contest I'd heard about for a while, but a few days ago I actually bothered to mosey on over and read the rules. It's Scriptapalooza, in case you were wondering. Lovely, lovely Scriptapalooza!

There's a category for 1 hour television drama for any existing show. I read that sentence twice, actually, wondering if they meant it exactly like that or if they thought that specifying country wasn't actually necessary because obviously no knotheaded people (like me) would be so uncouth as to inflict a non-US show upon them.

'Well that's interesting. It doesn't say US show. Dare I? I dare.'

Fuck yeah, I dare. I gave it the once and twice over yesterday, then sent it off to a good friend to check for typos. Once I get it back then I will throw down my money and take my chances. I'm paying extra for the script notes. This will be the first time I've got actual professional notes on something. I'm looking forward to it. I say that now. Probably I'll be curled up in a weeping ball of tears, clutching a beer in one hand and a copy of 'Teach Your Baby To Write' in the other as my fragile fragile ego fizzles away into the ether.

In other news, the drama screenplay that has moved on to draft 1 has continued to piss me off. It's just not going the way I want it. How is that possible? Fuck if I know. I'm writing the damned thing, but it's just not working. Based on everything google and other people's blogs have taught me about writing, the first couple... few... possibly dozen scripts are shit anyway, so I need to accept that I am not a magical little snowflake with the ability to crank out a shining gold script on the first go-round. Damn it.

I'm told that cure for writing shit is to write something else. So I've shoved the drama script to the far corner of my hard drive and I'm not going to look at it for a while. A long, long while. Instead, I used all my new revelations about those silly things, 'outlines' to plot out something totally different, a horror movie.

And when I say horror, I mean horror. It's a complete mind-fuck of a movie. Fifty pages in and I'm just screaming along with draft 0. I already know on the next draft I'm going to have to add another character, just to make a few interesting things make a little more sense, but this one... this one is rocking and rolling right along.

Goody goody gum drops.

Le day job is calling. That's just more motivation to write.

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