Monday, May 21, 2012

Things are just ticking along.

Just a quick update. 

I got my horror script and 50 First Kisses entry back from my lovely editor lady, Michelle Goode, with only minor bruising to my indomitable writer ego. I did index cards to try and fix my first act blues. It was actually helpful. I saw how repetitive some of the scenes were. Same story advancing dialogue in about five different locations. Gloriously cinematic locations, but the same dialogue just rephrased.

Cut, cut, cut, cut, cut.

Then Minion decided to help me.

Honestly, she wasn't much help.

I tweaked my 50 First Kisses entry and sent it off into the internet ether, I won't be rejected find out about that until midsummer. I've answered some ads looking for various films shorts and sent off every single one I've got that's halfway decent. Haven't heard anything back yet on any of them. Made a mental note to write more. Shorts seem to be popular for gaining writing/acting/producing/directing credits, if not actual money, which would be the ideal situation.

Found out about a Zombie anthology comic book seeking submissions. I fired off three concepts and while none of them were quite right, the editor was very nice about it. Yay! My first professional rejection, glad that's out of the way. I don't know why I'm excited to be to told my pitches weren't good enough, but I am. I'm a very strange special little snowflake.

I'm going to rework them plus a few more and resubmit. I have until the end of the month to come up with something he likes or he tells me to quit emailing him. Place your bets on which happens first.

Then I reread my original email and immediately spotted a typo. 

/overcome with despair, throws self into a pit of tigers.

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